Year end savings applies to home purchases too!

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It's chilly & wet... we lose daylight sooner... overall, this time of the year we just want to cozy up on the couch, but there are deals to be had out there on home purchases! No one loves the spring and summer heat more than I do to be out there touring homes, but when it comes to finding the best value on properties, fall and winter are THE BEST SEASONS to purchase, in my humble opinion.

I purchased my last 3 personal homes in January (2011, 2017) and February (2016) and had little to no competition from other buyers. The sellers were eager to work with us and agree to concessions. Most of us wouldn't consider real estate when thinking about year-end deals, but think about it... most families are busy with kids back to school, preparing for the holiday season... life is back in full swing after the lazy days of summer and many of these potential buyers stay on the sidelines for a more convenient time to buy. This is where you come in, loan pre-approval in hand, ready to make offers which have a much higher chance of being accepted by motivated sellers that have a compelling reason to list during this time or whose home has been on the market for a while now and are eager to close.

I know what you're thinking... "what if I also have a house to sell? Any potential savings on a purchase means a lower offer on my home, right?" Not necessarily. You're primarily entering the market as a buyer looking for a fantastic deal on a home. If you find one, you may be in a better position to have your contingent offer accepted - meaning, you will purchase if your home sells at or close to the price you want - otherwise, you walk away. Your primary motivation is the purchase not the sale of your home so you don't have to give it away - you can hold out for an offer you're happy with. Could be a win-win.... give me a call!


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