Texas gaining more teachers than ever.. relocating

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Texas is experiencing many booms... the economy, business, real estate and education... the largest number of teachers relocating out of California moved to Texas.

As far as salaries go, teachers are not compensated at the level at which they are valued as a profession. Many people, including myself, value the teaching profession highly... teachers can spend as much time with children during the week as most parents and can have an equally significant impact on how these children develop and the adults they will become. Based on this perceived value, teacher salaries should rival those of highly sought-after tech workers, but in many cases, they don't.

So what is a California teacher with a modest salary to do... well, if they love what they do, and don't want to continue living paycheck to paycheck, they move to Texas. By comparison, they will make about a third less than their California peers, but adjusting for the cost of living in Texas, these teachers will make about as much as their California counterparts. No-brainer decision and one that many teachers have made in order to continuing doing what they love while living a better lifestyle and seeing their hard-earned dollars go a lot further.

Do you know a teacher in this situation? Are you a teacher or just a hard-working American feeling overwhelmed in a high-cost, high-tax state? Contact me... I will share with you my story of relocating to Texas from California over 2 years ago and one of the best decisions I ever made... give me a call!


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