Relocation... blazing that trail

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Relocation. Depending on your situation, relocation can be a very exciting thing.  

Career-related relocation is probably one of the top reasons people move. Maybe a new job opportunity has presented itself and moving is the key to your future career success. Perhaps, you've decided to change careers completely and moving somewhere with greater opportunity for success is what has triggered your mobility. A scarier situation could be having lost your job and moving to a location with a lower cost of living is the smart thing to do. 

Economic reasons also drive a lot of mobility. Moving away from a high-cost and/or high-tax state is driving many people to Texas. Moving to a place where your hard-earned dollars go much further can attract people to relocate. A slower pace of life, less stress, a more family-friendly culture... whatever that key driver may be for you, relocation doesn't have to be scary. 

I relocated half-way across the country from California to Texas and I can share some guidance on how to make it a smooth process. When my clients ask where to begin, I refer them to one of my recent blog posts on How Dallas/Fort Worth Area Schools Rate. The first step is checking out the ratings and narrow down the search by school districts and further by neighborhoods where good-rated schools are located. Obvious if you're a family with school-age children, but also a smart thing to do as an investor to attract desirable renters or ensure a good rate of appreciation later when it's time to sell.

Coldwell Banker's large network of agents across the country can make the transition from selling in one state and buying in another seamless. I will share my story with you and advice on how to make this an exciting chapter of your life. Call me today!


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